Indulge in the Finest: Experience the Distinctive Flavors of Finca La Esperanza

Located in the heart of Antigua Guatemala’s prestigious coffee growing region. Situated just 1 km outside the historic city walls, our small 4.5-hectare (10-acre) farm is accompanied by a modern coffee processing wet mill that shares our name.

Once predominantly populated by Bourbon coffee trees, we have since replanted the farm with disease-resistant cultivars like Villasarchí. To further our understanding of plant reactions to diseases and changing climate conditions, we have dedicated a section of the farm for varietal research.

During the harvest season, our coffee is carefully handpicked and undergoes rigorous quality control in our onsite coffee laboratory. Through traditional washing and sun-drying methods, we consistently produce coffee with a clean cup, well-balanced body and acidity, complemented by rich chocolate notes and subtle hints of floral and citrus.

We are proud to announce that Finca La Esperanza was awarded FIRST PLACE in the highly regarded 2022 Annual Antigua Regional competition, organized by ANACAFE (Asociación Nacional de Café), the Guatemalan Nacional Coffee Association. Surrounded by three magnificent volcanoes, the Antigua Valley offers fertile volcanic soil enriched with minerals and nutrients that promote thriving coffee cultivation. With an average rainfall of 1,400 mm and temperatures ranging between 55 and 75ºF, the natural environment of our farm creates the ideal conditions for exceptional coffee.

Experience the dedication to excellence that has earned Finca La Esperanza its esteemed reputation. Sample our meticulously crafted coffee, rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Antigua Guatemala.

Finca La Esperanza

Exceptional Coffee Crafted in the Heart of Antigua

Elevate Your Coffee Experience

shb genuine antigua la esperanza

Rich chocolate notes, complemented by hints of floral & citrus accents.

Remarkably clean profile, well-balanced body & acidity

SHB Antigua La Esperanza, a high quality regional coffee lot from the renowned coffee growing region of Antigua Guatemala, combines the daily pickings from the best farms and small producers in the area into a consistent quality and profile which will repeat year after year. From deep-rooted relationships forged with small and medium producers across the Antigua Guatemala valley and the slopes of the Agua Volcano, La Esperanza collects the coffee cherries and processes them at the mill, ensuring unrivaled quality at every step.

Surrounded by the awe-inspiring presence of three majestic volcanoes, the Antigua Valley blesses coffee trees with rich volcanic soil teeming with minerals and nutrients, providing an optimal environment for them to thrive. Spanning altitudes ranging from 5,000 ft in the valley to 6,200 ft on the side of the Agua Volcano, our farms benefit from ideal conditions. With an annual rainfall average of 1,400 mm and temperatures ranging between 55 and 75º F, nature harmonizes to bring out the best in our coffee beans.

Discover the taste of SHB Antigua La Esperanza, a traditionally washed coffee sundried to perfection. Each cup unveils a remarkably clean profile, boasting a well-balanced body and acidity. Delight your senses with rich chocolate notes, complemented by hints of floral and citrus accents.

A Unique Coffee Experience from the Cloud Forests of Alta Verapaz

Deep within the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz in northern Guatemala lies a coffee-producing region that stands apart from the rest of the country. Here, the combination of clay and limestone soils, along with abundant year-round rainfall, creates the perfect conditions for a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

Finca Rosario de Fátima, a 200-hectare (495-acre) farm, has been in the Sterkel family since the 1950s. It is a diverse landscape, with woodlands serving as both harvest areas and natural reserves. Approximately 50 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of borbon, caturra, and catuai Arabica coffee trees, while the rest of the farm produces cardamom and allspice.

At the farm, you will find a small ecological wet mill where the coffee is processed using rainwater collected on-site for de-pulping and transportation. The beans undergo mechanical washing, omitting the traditional fermentation process, and are dried using mechanical static and drum driers due to the area’s consistent rainfall.

Nestled between 4,000 and 4,500 feet above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 50 to 74ºF and an average rainfall of about 3,000mm, Finca Rosario de Fátima produces a remarkable coffee. It boasts a full-bodied profile, accompanied by a long and clean finish, while its distinct fruitiness delights the senses.

Embark on a journey of taste and discover the unique flavors that emerge from the heart of the cloud forests. Experience Finca Rosario de Fátima’s exquisite coffee, a testament to the harmonious marriage of nature’s gifts and the Sterkel family’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

finca rosario de fatima

a full-bodied profile, accompanied by a long and clean finish, with a distinct fruitiness.

Santiago Atitlán

Delighting the senses, our traditionally washed coffee exhibits vibrant citrus acidity, a medium body, and enchanting, floral sweet notes.

Where Small Producers Cultivate Extraordinary Coffee

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Lake Atitlán, acclaimed as one of the world’s most stunning lakes. Its deep blue waters and majestic volcanoes create an awe-inspiring landscape. But beyond its scenic allure, this region holds a hidden treasure: the ideal conditions of rich volcanic soil and a cool climate, perfectly suited for cultivating exceptional Arabica coffee trees.

Nestled in the southwest corner of the lake, the town of Santiago Atitlán and its surrounding area are home to numerous families whose livelihoods depend on coffee production. However, despite the high quality of coffee grown in this region, some coffee buyers, driven by profit, have been known to exploit producers during the harvest season. Manipulating the weighing process and offering unfair market prices, they have placed an unfair burden on hardworking farmers.

In response to this challenge, La Esperanza has partnered with Andrés Tziná Ramirez, a local tour guide turned devoted coffee processor. Sharing our vision of fair and sustainable coffee trading, we have established a wet mill in the area, empowering Andres to process the coffee with integrity and provide trustworthy service and fair prices to the producers.

Situated at altitudes ranging from 5,000 to 6,200 feet above sea level, and blessed with an average annual rainfall of 2,000mm and temperatures between 55 and 75ºF, the farms in this region produce extraordinary coffee. Delighting the senses, our traditionally washed coffee exhibits vibrant citrus acidity, a medium body, and enchanting floral sweet notes.

Indulge in the flavors of Santiago Atitlán’s coffee, lovingly cultivated by small producers and carefully processed by La Esperanza and Andres. With each bag, you support a community’s well-being and contribute to the preservation of this remarkable region.